Interactive storybook for learning languages

read, write, speak, and listen in your target language along with feedback and correction from ai tutor
(English + 16 Languages Supported)

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Introducing Scraft's First Prototype:

Chat with AI Tutor

Your AI Language Tutor

Practice anytime, anywhere.

AI Correction

Scraft will instantly correct your sentences considering grammar, nuance, and context

Adaptive Story Narratives

Practice reading, listening, speaking, and writing in your desired method! Follow pre-made story narratives, or design your own daily life practices.

Learn new expressions and idioms

AI tutor will generate relevant expressions and idioms that are relevant to the context scenario you're chatting about!

AI Feedback

See and learn what makes AI's corrected sentence better

Summer Launch Plan

We plan to slowly roll-out new products throughout 2023 summer.

Phase 1: Scraft Chat

Get instant sentence-level speaking feedback by texting in contextual scenarios with AI Tutor

Phase 2

Late August