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AI writing tutor that empower the way you think when writing by providing thought-provoking prompts, personalized feedback and suggestions

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Plan, Draft, and Write

It's easy as one, two, three

Just follow our three-step writing program

Step 1: Plan

Brainstorm and organize your ideas by writing 1-2 sentences for each paragraph. This is where we will show questions to think about that can give you a new perspective

Step 2: Draft

Add supporting evidences and examples for each paragraph. This is where we will recommend you relevant articles and more specific questions to think about

Step 3: Write

Turn it into a final draft by making final touch and proofreading for any mistakes

Try thinking about these questions

Scraft will constantly throw questions that stimulate your critical thinking, expanding your perspectives to the topic

Generate more questions

As you plan and draft, Scraft follows your trail of thoughts and generates even more specific and relevant questions

Hey Scraft, answer this question for me

Are the questions too hard or confusing? Click 'Answer for me' and see what scraft thinks about that question!
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We found this article you might find useful

We know researching can be daunting. Get article curations that are relevant to what you are writing.

Article Suggestion

Scraft will recommend you webpages and news articles that are relevant to your writing context

Web Pages and News Articles

Based on your context, suggested articles may include web pages or recent news articles

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